Mandibular Advancement


ONIRIS®, certainly the best anti-snoring device

ONIRIS® is an innovative and patented mandibular advancement device designed to provide maximum levels of comfort and efficacy.
The device – similar to a mouthguard for sportsmen or a dental splint – gently retains your lower jaw in a forward position during sleep.

It therefore allows air to pass freely through the pharynx and prevents the obstructions that cause snoring and sleep apnoea Numerous clinical studies have shown that this technique works. ONIRIS® is the only solution to offer patients a customised fitting and total freedom of movement for a comfortable and effective adjustment.

The result: a truly effective solution for snoring and sleep apnoea. And enjoy once again comfortable and peaceful sleep.

By reducing your level of tiredness, the ONIRIS® device also helps raise your awareness of sleep apnoea problems.

*In case of actual or suspected sleep apnoea it is essential to consult a specialist to perform a sleep check examination with and without the ONIRIS® device to objectively confirm the effectiveness of treatment.

Instructions – Oniris

This customised and innovative device from ONIRIS is extremely easily to fit at home, in just a few minutes.
You can produce the dental impression several times, if you require dental treatment or make a mistake, for example, and the mandibular advancement can also be adjusted at any time. You are therefore guaranteed the most comfortable treatment, as it is fully adapted to your needs.
Store the device in its box at a temperature below 45°C.
After each use, brush the device with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Then rinse it with cold water.
The Oniris device has a serviceable life of around 18 months, which is one of the longest for auto-adjustable anti-snoring devices on the market. Its life depends on several parameters such as the acidity of your saliva, the quality of care, its frequency of use, etc.