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JOYCEone: One mask in one size that fits nearly every face!
Our current best-selling mask in international markets comes in just one size that provides a reliable, absolutely airtight fit for most patients. The good fit is made possible by the specially designed mask cushion and the new, highly flexible forehead support. The proven ball-and-socket joint makes sure the tube stays in place. Like our other masks, the JOYCEone very quietly releases the patient‘s exhaled air.
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The combination of high-quality gel and SilkTec surface finish in this therapy mask from Löwenstein Medical offers skin-friendly comfort and an outstanding adaptation to facial contours. The mask is also very easy to clean. Available in three sizes and, upon request, as a non-vented variant without integrated exhalation system.

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JOYCEeasy: Our nasal mask with all-around practical features.

Available in three sizes, the JOYCE easy has won over many fans with its reliable airtightness and good fit. Many improvements to details in the mask cushion have made JOYCEeasy even more comfortable. The mask retains its well-known extras such as the quiet flow of exhaled air, freedom of movement ensured by the ball-and-socket joint and simple cleaning procedures.