Intensive Care Ventilation

The multifunctional intensive-care ventilators of Löwenstein Medical can be used for ventilation of all kinds of patients from 500g upwards. Modern microprocessor technology, precise measurement techniques and efficient technologies assure an accurate ventilation therapy and individual ventilation strategies.


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Elisa 600

Elisa 600 is an innovative standard breathing ventilator for invasive and non-invasive artificial respiration in the case of all clinical conditions, for all intensive care activities and for patients weighing 3 kg and more. A variety of hardware and software options allow for individual configuration to be made according to the requirements at hand, as well as providing for an artificial respiration platform that is assured a good future.

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Elisa 800

Until recently, there was a gap between scientific evidence and clinical practice in intensive care ventilation. Inadequate technical options and nontransparent evaluation of measurement results frequently stood in the way of the desired treatment. In many cases, the available procedures simply were not sufficient for broad, yet dependable use.Drawing on more than 30 years of experience, Löwenstein Medical is now making the impossible a reality: Intensive care ventilation – simple, clear and verifiable. The simple solution adds safety, reduces training needs, and allows for the broad use of ventilation strategies. It is economical, minimizes operating errors, and gives you more time to focus on the essential.

Elisa 800 stands for simplifying complexity.

  • Powerful hardware
  • Electrical impedance tomography
  • Modular software concept
  • Expandable ventilation architecture
  • Versatile interfaces
  • Versatile option boxes
  • Intelligent cable management
  • Intelligent acoustic alarm system
  • State-of-the-art power management
  • Light sensor for day-night adjustment
  • Heliox-ready
  • Integrated ventilation protocol

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Elisa 800 VIT

VIT – Ventilator Integrated Tomography is the world‘s first fully integrated EIT system in an intensive care ventilator. The non-invasive pulmonary monitoring of the elisa 800VIT visualizes for the first time ventilation-related complications and allows for direct therapy at the intensive care ventilator. As a result, ventilation becomes transparent as well as directly controllable.

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CPAP therapy in the 21st centuryCharisma is a state-of-the art device for constant positive airway pressure therapy.

  • Coloured touch screen: intuitive user guidance
  • Automatic flow adjustment and adaption
  • Unique: no reservoir bag needed
  • Dynamic leakage compensation
  • Cost efficiency by low gas consumption
  • Drug nebulizer

Direct input of oxygen concentration and PEEP
Gas mixture tables, readjustment of flow and uncertainties in mask leakages are things of the past. The user enters directly PEEP and oxygen concentration. charisma verifies the ventilation accessories used and guaranties the secure compliance of the parameters set.

Dynamic compensation of leakage
Older CPAP equipment, working with Continuous-Flow- Principle, had to be adjusted manually to the gas flows offered in order to compensate variable mask leakages. When the supply of flow was too low, the set PEEP value could not be realised and the danger of alveolar collapse appeared. charisma combines the established Demand- Flow with the Continuous-Flow-Principle, readjusts the necessary flow continuously and controls the PEEP set.

Individual alarm settings
There are fundamental differences in monitoring requirements of intensive care units, outpatient departments, wards and therapy wards. charisma allows the alarm adaption to the necessities of the clinical routine. Thereby requirements of apnea, alarms of low and high pressure values and alarm volume are directly adjustable via touch screen.

Innovative monitoring of leakage according to “traffic light principle”
charisma monitors existing mask leakages without interruption and adapts the inspiration flow consecutively. According to the traffic light, leakages are displayed visually and easily comprehensible.

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Alpha 301 / 302

Improving ventilation with recruitmentRespiratory therapy with intermittent positive pressure breathing (IPPB therapy) is a recognized treatment concept for obstructive respiratory disease. In case of heavily reduced ventilation reserves or pronounced respiratory failure, it is recommended to administer aerosols through inhalation.

The slow, deep inspiration supported by the respiratory therapy device always improves pulmonary ventilation, gas exchange, and aerosol deposition. The optional, adjustable exhalation stricture contributes to this as well by ensuring that poorly ventilated peripheral lung segments receive a better gas supply. This in turn has prophylactic effects, since good ventilation is the best preventative measure against infection. Furthermore, IPPB therapy can be supplemented with drug nebulization, such as bronchospasmolytic or secretolytic substances, for obstructive diseases.

Managing secretion

Another positive effect of IPPB therapy is the cough reflex it provokes, which can significantly improve the bronchial hygiene and secretolysis of patients. In addition to portable respiratory and aerosol therapy devices for home care, the alpha product family also includes two clinical versions, which are designed to administer oxygen via a central gas supply. As a consequence, the devices are perfectly suited to provide continued IPPB therapy for recruitment, secretion management, and drug nebulization in acute care as well as physiotherapy and general care.


  • Sensitive trigger range
  • Integrated drug nebuliser
  • Compact IPPB device for adult and pediatric use
  • Infinitely adjustable exhalation stricture
  • Manual control option
  • Operation with central gas supply
  • Optional oxygen connection

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The AIRcon respiratory gas humidifier combines modern technology and innovative design in a high performance unit. Thus, it fulfils the medical requirements and the economic expectations of the market. The result is optimal physiologically conditioned respiratory gas, which protects the mucous membranes of the ventilated patient from drying out and prevents interference with the mucocilliary clearance.

With the AIRcon, a new overall concept for all patient groups and areas of use is available, which is optimally adapted for the demands of the clinical sector. The device is also versatile and safe for extra-clinical use, such as for home ventilation. Thanks to the simpla set up and maintenance, it is perfectly suited for both applications.

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MR 810

Heated Humidifier

  • Three temperature and humidity settings for patient comfort
  • Integrated heater wire adapter
  • Ambient temperature sensor
  • Reduces circuit condensate when used with heated wire circuits

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The MR 850 is a respiratory humidifier designed for use in hospital intensive care units. It is used to provide optimum humidity to respiratory gases delivered to patients via endotracheal tubes or face masks.Download Product Brochure