Micro Mic & Multi Mic


Small, portable and easy to use

The latest additions to our range of wireless accessories, Interton’s Micro Mic and Multi Mic let you hear more of everything. The speaker’s voice is streamed directly to your wireless hearing aids, so you can hear everything clearly, even with a lot of background noise around.


The Micro Mic

is ideal for non face-to-face conversations, pairs easily to our range of wireless hearing aids so clients won’t miss a thing – even if they are up to 25 meters away in clear line of sight.

The Multi Mic

works like the Micro Mic with the same range of up to 25 meters, but also doubles as a table microphone in meetings or busy restaurants, so clients can hear everyone sitting around it.



  • Use at home, in school, at work, in the car, while dining out and during exercise
  • Listening range of up to 25 meters in clear line of sight
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Clip onto clothes of the speaker
  • Multi Mic includes a table functionality ideal for meetings or busy restaurants

Simple to install and use

Interton Multi Mic and Micro Mic are compatible with all Interton wireless hearing aids.

For installation support, please refer to the User Manual below.

Technical Specifications

Interton Multi Mic and Micro Mic have a listening range of up to 25 meters in clear line of sight.

Please refer to the Datasheet below for further technical specifications.

Download Micro Mic User Manual
Download Micro Mic Datasheet
Download Multi Mic User Manual
Download Multi Mic Datasheet
Download Product Brochure