A step towards better hearing and life quality

This excellent range of wireless hearing aids automatically adapt to any situation your customers are in. Advanced features bring back the sounds your customers enjoy and give them a great hearing experience – all day long. With Interton Step you can give your customers a tailored solution with personalized features, a full range of models and our selection of wireless accessories that match your customers’ exact hearing needs.


Hear everything in any situation

Automatic features such as Personal Noise Reduction and Environmental Gain Tuner optimize settings for five environments to provide your customers with the best possible hearing experience.


Integrated Directionality
Interton’s latest state of the art feature available exclusively in Step 6, improves the users ability to hear everything around them. Both hearing aids work together wirelessly to determine the ideal setting for the environment and the most clarity of sounds while at the same time maintaining awareness of the surroundings.

Ear-to-Ear communication
If manual volume or setting adjustment is desired, you simply change it in one hearing aid and the other one automatically adjusts itself to the same setting thanks to the new Ear-to-Ear communication feature. Easy and discreet!

Step_webbanner_head_316x100Small hearing aid. Big sound
Interton Step offers attractive and ergonomic, hearing aids that come in a range of models to suit your customers’ specific needs.  They are also built to withstand an active lifestyle for years of worry-free wear.