We are experts in the following fields: Respiratory, Audiology, Robotic Surgery, and Homecare.


TurQuoise is one of the leading companies in providing respiratory products and services all across Lebanon. We believe that when good care leads, good health follows. Therefore, our aim is to provide patients with the best services that comes with our high end products. Our technical team is available 24/7 all across Lebanon to provide support for our patients. Having an advanced IT System, competent and skilled operation – technical team and direct contact with medical professionals, TurQuoise offers its patients the best support on their way to full recovery.


For the hearing aids sector, our mission starts from the point that every person has the right to enjoy life with a healthy hearing, we aim to facilitate the process of hearing examination and correction by offering excellent audiological services at the patient’s doorstep with no extra fees.
Our services are accessible to any patient all over the Lebanese territories with guaranteed excellent quality at very competitive prices.
Thus, there is no excuse left for any patient to ignore or postpone finding a solution for their hearing loss.

Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery falls into the broader field of minimally invasive surgeries that are the future of surgeries around the world. TurQuoise – in cooperation with AktorMed Germany – brings the latest robotic camera control system and endoscopy holder to Lebanon. Our system presents an advanced and reliable solution to patients, surgeons and medical professionals.